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"It is an old saying, that charity begins at home; but this is no reason it should not go abroad. A man should live with the world as a citizen of the world; he may have a preference for the particular quarter or square, or even alley, in which he lives, but he should have a generous feeling for the welfare of the whole."
Richard Cumberland


The Vistex Foundation accepts applications for funding on an invitation-only basis. We do welcome letters of inquiry from organizations with programs that fit our current funding priorities. Letters of inquiry must be on your organization’s letterhead and signed by a member of your staff who has the authority to accept and manage a grant. In no more than two pages, please describe your organization and the work you plan to propose. Please address the following:

  • The amount you plan to request from the Vistex Foundation
  • What you plan to accomplish with the grant and why
  • How you plan to accomplish it
  • Who will implement the work
  • How your effort matches the Vistex Foundation grant-making priorities

Please include a program budget with your letter of interest as well. When submitting a letter of inquiry, please keep in mind that the Vistex Foundation does not intend to fund individuals, private schools, or political/religious/fraternal organizations. Additionally, at this time we are not considering programs that are focused on the environment, arts & culture, or sports & recreation. All submitting organizations must have 501(c)3 non-profit status.  Submissions should be emailed to Submissions can be mailed to:The Vistex Foundation, 5th Floor, 2300 Barrington Road, Hoffman Estates, IL USA 60169