Helping those in need overcome barriers to success

DuPage Children’s Museum

DuPage Children's Museum

As part of our effort to eliminate barriers to success, The Vistex Foundation supports programs that open up learning opportunities to those who may miss out due to financial constraints. The DuPage Children’s Museum provides a wide array of fun, engaging learning experiences for children throughout the suburban Chicago region, and when we asked them how we can bring in young boys and girls who haven’t been able to engage with the museum, they responded with a wonderful idea.

Beyond simply opening the doors to any with need, DuPage Children’s Museum brought learning and engagement to 8 fourth grade, Title I classrooms. The program focused on science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) fundamentals in the form of a Cardboard Automata Program. 2 in-school education sessions taught children the basics of simple machine elements—cams, levers and linkages—through the design of mechanical sculptures.

Approximately 200 students, visiting with their families, displayed their designs at the museum and enjoyed all the other learning experiences at the facility. DCM further sponsored annual memberships for the participants, encouraging them and their families to return in the future.

Mason Payne

Mason Payne has been the Director of the Vistex Foundation since 2013 working closely with founder to develop its mission and to establish global partnerships to further the goal of removing barriers to success for those in need. Specializing in...Read More