Helping those in need overcome barriers to success

Glen Ellyn Childrens Resource Center

Glen Ellyn Childrens Resource Center

The Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center (GECRC) provides free after-school and summer programs to children in Glen Ellyn’s elementary school districts. Their students come from low-income, immigrant, and refugee families and the organization teaches them academic and life skills to help them move successfully through grades K-12. Without this program, the achievement gap between low-income students and their non-low-income peers is as much as 42%.

During the 2016-17 school year approximately 87% of students showed improvement in reading on district academic progress tests and they plan to continually grow to meet the needs of the community, serving 250 students during the 2017-18 school year. Vistex Foundation support for this organization has helped them achieve these high standards and has given many students a chance they otherwise would not have had. We remain committed to supporting organizations that remove barriers to success in education.

Mason Payne

Mason Payne has been the Director of the Vistex Foundation since 2013 working closely with founder to develop its mission and to establish global partnerships to further the goal of removing barriers to success for those in need. Specializing in...Read More