Helping those in need overcome barriers to success

Vistex Hospital: A big step towards removing barriers to success

Vistex Hospital: A big step towards removing barriers to success

On a recent trip to the hospital site in Masarhi, we visited many of the local villages, spoke with mothers, children, local elders and with doctors who treat the many underserved living there.

Perhaps the most striking take-away when visiting people living in such poverty is the realization that, but for circumstances beyond their control, these children have just as much ability to contribute to society as anyone among us. Instead, they are marginalized, provided little education, healthcare, nutrition, or access to the basics of modern living: clean water, electricity, sanitation.

Providing reliable healthcare is an important step—a critical one—but it is only one of many that must take place. We must find ways to provide the younger generations some hope that they can achieve a better life. A hospital and nutrition programs can help reduce developmental disabilities caused by malnutrition, but it can’t along give children hope that they can become a doctor, a scientist or something else beyond the poverty of their immediate surroundings.

In this video we speak about hope and we believe this hospital provides a big step in that direction. But we must continue to fight the tendency to marginalize certain people. We must recognize the value and potential in these young people and find ways to help them escape the poverty they are born into. We hope our initial work here can bring partners together to take the next steps in removing barriers to the success of these young Biharis.

Mason Payne

Mason Payne has been the Director of the Vistex Foundation since 2013 working closely with founder to develop its mission and to establish global partnerships to further the goal of removing barriers to success for those in need. Specializing in...Read More